Secretariat software

Secretariat software is among the very best secretariat software and letter records available in Iran. This software has been prepared and produced specifically based on the conditions and terms of administrator correspondence in Iran. The programming from the secretarial process under the online is different while using most updated systems, that has made it easy and customer-friendly.

Digital signal workplace software

The only secretarial software or electronic digital indicator office software is a simple but powerful software, which is made to manage the secretarial issues of varied businesses and firms with lots of capabilities, higher security and user friendly. Inside the secretariat system, incoming, outgoing and internal characters along with its info is registered within the program and its attachments and images are kept in the program.

The most effective secretarial software

To get the secretariat software, take advantage of the assessment listing and purchase of the secretariat software.

The appearance of the software has become in accordance with the viewpoints of over 200 Iranian secretariat officials and managers.

The machine is authorized by the Higher Informatics Council and possesses a lot more than 3,000 active customers in the united states.

Its support services (cost-free support, training and installation) are supplied face-to-face and online.

The machine is completely online-includes and based one year of free of charge assistance.

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